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Q.) Do you provide attendants, sitters, and nurses' aides?
A.) We provide skilled Nursing Care (RN's and LVN's), and Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy (PT's, OT's and ST's). We do not provide unskilled care.

Q.) Do you provide Durable Medical Equipment?
A.) No, but our case management team will help you with ordering your medical equipment and supplies, including oxygen from an equipment company of your choice.

Q.) What if I need help after hours?
A.) We have a team of professionals in place to assist you with after hour questions and concerns.

Q.) If my child has a doctor's appointment or an emergency visit, can the nurse or therapist transport him/her?
A.) We do not provide transportation for safety reasons, but a nurse can accompany you and your child in your personal vehicle.

Q.) Can a nurse or therapist watch my other children while I am there, or so I may run errands?
A.) No, we are only able to take care of the child receiving services.

Q.) Are there other services, such as light housekeeping your staff can provide while in the home?
A.) No, nurses and therapists are limited to providing the skilled care ordered by your physician.

Q.) May I leave my home when your staff is with my child?
A.) Yes, you may leave your home.

Q.) What type of payment do you accept?
A.) We accept most private insurance plans, Medicaid, MasterCard/Visa and cash payment. Click here to find out more about plans we accept.

Q.) What are the qualifications of your nurses?
A.) Besides being licensed by the State, all nurses must pass a pediatric exam and demonstrate nursing skills. We also screen candidates for criminal history, driving record and obtain references.

Q.) What are the qualifications of your therapists?
A.) Most of the therapists or their immediate supervisors that are responsible for your child have Masters degrees or PhD's in their field. They are licensed by the State of Texas and they specialize in pediatrics.

Q.) Will you discharge my child when he/she reaches adulthood?
A.) We do not commence services if your child is 21 or older. However, if we already provide services to your child when he/she turns 21, we may continue services. Please call your local SKC office Administrator for additional information.

Q.) I would like to start care, or get more information regarding your services. Where do I start?
A.) Just contact us by phone or email to find out more.


Q.) What are your pay rates?
A.) Our pay rates and benefits are competitive with other home care companies within our service areas.

Q.) Do you have direct deposit?
A.) Yes, in fact we encourage the use of direct deposit. For a list of benefits, please click here

Q.) Do you have positions available?
A.) We usually have positions available. Call us to find out which position may be right for you.

Q.) Do you provide continuing education?
A.) We offer monthly educational inservices for our nursing staff and contract therapists. These inservices may come with CEU's.

Q.) Do I get to meet other nurses or therapists?
A.) We create educational and networking opportunities throughout the year for nurses and therapists.

Q.) How long have you been in business? How experienced is your company?
A.) Many of our staff members have worked together for many years (in some cases more than twenty years). We are well known in our service areas as a leader in pediatric home care. We take great pride in our services, our staff and our company. Special Kids Care has been in business for more than ten years.


Q.) What insurance plans do you accept?
A.) We accept most private insurance plans, Medicaid, and Medicaid HMO's
Click here to find out more about Financial Support

Q.) What is your coverage area?
A.) We provide service to Houston, San Antonio, Austin and surrounding counties. Please contact the office in your area.

Q.) What license does your company have?
A.) We are licensed to provide home care services using both State and Federal (Houston and San Antonio only) guidelines. Periodically, the government reviews our operations, policies and procedures extensively.

Q.) Are all your competitors similarly licensed?
A.) No, some of them are licensed to provide home care services using State guidelines only.


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